Newsletter Article

Cheers to a Successful Year!

2015 was not only a fantastic year for the promotional products industry as a whole, it was also a great time to have an ESP Website™!

Here are some of the exciting things that happened to ESP Websites in 2015:

ESP Websites received over 700,000 visitors.

  • From January to November, there were over 15 million searches conducted.
  • ESP Websites owners collected over $11 million in revenue on orders placed through their sites.
  • The Barato Drawstring Backpack (The Magnet Group, asi/68507) was the number one product searched on ESP Websites in 2015.
  • Customizations for ESP Websites were made available –now you can choose from three easy, affordable packages OR choose your own options to make your site pop!
  • Favicon set-up was added.
  • Universal price adjust was included as a new feature.

As for 2016, we have a lot exciting upgrades and new features in the works for ESP Websites. And as always, ESP Websites are built for you and built for sales.