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Use ESP to Target the Health Care Market

In the promotional product industry, it’s important to focus your sales efforts in areas likely to generate business. The second largest promo market is health care, which boasts annual revenue of $1.668 trillion!

Try these tips to increase sales revenue:

  • Stress the importance of brand recognition. Create an ESP® presentation with a variety of relevant products at various price points. Don’t forget to virtually imprint the items with your prospect’s logo using the Virtual Sample feature so they can see what the items would look like if purchased.
  • Suggest popular, useful merchandise that’s applicable to the facility or physician (ie: toothbrushes for a dentist; teddy bears for the maternity ward of your local hospital). If you’re stuck for ideas, try ESP’s Event Planner tool, which includes an entire section dedicated to health and fitness.

Another way to sell health care-related promotional products to both health care and non-health care companies is through wellness programs. This trend has become increasingly popular within corporations, which means sales opportunities are growing. Consider adding the new Corporate Gifts and Incentives product collection to your ESP license. It allows you to search over 50,000 awards and incentive products without ever leaving ESP, and provides a step-by-step guide to help you create successful wellness programs for your clients. Click here to learn more about this $90 billion industry.

Log in to ESP today to start browsing health care products, building presentations and getting actionable tips to sell into this lucrative market.