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Looking for a Great Deal? ESP Can Help!

ESP® makes it easy to find discounted products and special offers from trusted suppliers. Here are a few tips for bargain shopping on ESP:

  1. Check out the Clearance and Specials section. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and you’ll find a link to this special area, created to house hot supplier offers. Be sure to check back often for great deals.
  2. Run a search by price. The search field at the top of your home page allows you to search any keyword, and also gives you the option to enter a minimum or maximum price. Set your maximum to find products within a certain budget.
  3. Work with new suppliers. Companies who have just entered the industry are sometimes more keen to offer discounts to try to build up new business. Find ESP’s newest suppliers by selecting New Suppliers above your home page search bar.
  4. Sort or filter results by price. While browsing product listings, change your search view to sort by the lowest price. Simply select Price: Low to High in the Sort By dropdown at the top of your search results. Alternatively, select appropriate price ranges using the Price filter to the left of your results.

Start bargain shopping now by logging in to your ESP account