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Show Off Your Political Swag

It’s campaign season, and an exciting time for the promotional products business! Here are some tips for selling political swag:

  1. Be flexible. Political campaigns, much like politics themselves, are constantly changing and adapting to the cultural environment. As a provider of campaign items, you have to be ready for anything, including rush products and sudden design changes.
  2. Ask for a deposit. Important decisions are made rapidly during campaigns, so make sure you are at least partially paid ahead of time. If your candidate client suddenly drops out of the race, you want to have existing orders covered by a deposit.
  3. Don’t wait for presidential elections. There are local political campaigns running year-round, which means plenty of sales opportunities throughout the seasons.
  4. Think ahead. Candidates are preparing for their campaigns ahead of time. Reach out early to let them know that you can provide giveaways for fundraisers and rallies.
  5. Open a candidate- or party-specific Web store. Win over a certain candidate or political party by guiding prospects to an online store that’s full of branded items boasting their name or campaign slogan. Company Stores are online shops that are sure to impress prospective candidates with merchandise expressly selected for this particular niche.


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