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Learn to Use ESP’s Newest Feature: ESP Chat!

Talk to other distributors and suppliers without ever leaving ESP! ESP Chat™ is the newest feature of this business management system and is changing the way the industry communicates.

When browsing products in ESP from a supplier who hosts a Chat Room, you’ll see a button that takes you directly into chat mode, so you can quickly and easily ask any questions you may have about the product or placing an order. Click here to see the list of ASI supplier members who host chat rooms.

You can also enter ESP Chat directly. The ESP Chat bar is located in the lower right corner of your Home Page. Simply maximize the window to get started.

Now that the Chat screen has been expanded, you can see both ASI’s General Discussion room as well as a listing of rooms hosted by suppliers. Just click on the room you would like to enter and start or join the discussion!

Once you’ve joined a Chat Room, you have several options. You can:

  1. Post a message
  2. Post a product in ESP
  3. Upload photos or files
  4. Express yourself with emojis

With ESP Chat, you can post messages publicly or enjoy one-on-one private conversations. You can also tag your favorite people, block those you don’t wish to chat with, search for rooms or people, search within conversations (for up to 30 days), report abuse and turn chat on or off.

ESP Chat was created to save you time and improve communication for stronger business relationships, all within the powerful ESP platform. For a downloadable ESP Chat User Guide, click here.