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The Basics of Selling to Manufacturers

Have you ever considered selling to the construction and manufacturing market? Now is the perfect time. In light of recent ad studies, it ranks as the number-three market for promotional product sales and represents 7.8% of ad specialty revenues. The future of manufacturing is looking bright, as it is now part of the top ten largest global markets.

Of course, breaking into any new market requires networking, highly targeted marketing and lots of planning and research. Here are five basic tips to get you started:

  1. Time your sales calls. Manufacturing Day is an annual event that occurs the first Friday of October. Its purpose is to spread awareness about career opportunities within the industry and recruit skilled workers. Time your product pitches in preparation for this event to make some serious sales in the fall.
  2. Ask for internal referrals. After you make a sale, ask your client to refer you to other departments within their company. For instance, the head of a warehouse staff might be able to lead you to additional sales opportunities in the company’s marketing department.
  3. Think wearables. The manufacturing industry prioritizes safety above all else. Keep this in mind for your product pitches and consider including high-visibility apparel, industrial clothing and heavy-duty work gloves.
  4. Consider all sectors. It’s easy to get focused on one sector of any industry. Be sure you’re branching out to all different types of manufacturers so that all of your eggs are not in one basket should that sector experience a downward economical trend.
  5. Invest in an online store. Create an online store to target the construction and manufacturing market. Our Construction and Manufacturing Specialty Shoppe comes pre-loaded with product collections that specifically target this industry, and can be ordered in small quantities from 4- and 5-star suppliers. Prospects can visit the store and make purchases online so you get paid faster.

Target more construction and manufacturing prospects to get your share of the revenue growth expected from this growing market.