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Four Tips for Selling to the Technology Market

Technology is consistently one of the hottest markets for buying promotional products. Here are some actionable tips to help you craft the perfect pitch for a prospect in the technology arena:

  1. Present a variety of products. All too often, distributors assume that technology companies are looking for strictly high-tech promotional products such as USB drives or tablet cases. In reality, most of these companies are looking for products that will complement their brand, not define it. Try pitching a variety of products at various price points, such as mouse pads or imprinted styluses.
  2. Keep the end-user in mind. When running a promotion, tech companies are usually targeting a specific demographic such as college students, business professionals or the average consumer. Consider the needs and lifestyle of the end-user audience and allow that to influence which products you present in your pitch. For example, baseball caps and drawstring bags would be ideal for a tech company trying to reach college students.
  3. Get creative. From product packaging to clever slogans, there are countless ways for you to make your services stand out from your competitors. Consider putting a creative spin on the everyday promotional product to make a lasting impression.
  4. Create a technology-focused web store. The technology Specialty Shoppe powered by ESP Websites™ comes pre-loaded with products specific to this market. Virtual sample technology allows you to add a client’s logo to all of the products on the store, so that your sales pitch is even more effective. Click here to learn more about investing in a technology Specialty Shoppe.


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