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Find and Choose the Right Decorator

Working with a reliable, professional and creative decorator can really make your client’s promotion shine. Here are five things to do to choose the best decorator:

Do your research. Before you jump into a business partnership with a decorator, make sure you check their ESP® or online reviews, ratings and customer testimonials. Some decorators even offer online facility tours on their websites, which is a great way to be sure their production facility is up to your standards.

Request a tour. You can learn a lot about how a business runs by touring their headquarters. If a decorator’s production facility is unsystematic or messy, chances are your order won’t be handled in the most organized fashion. ESP can help you locate decorators in your geographic region.

Consider your customer’s location. If you can locate a shop within driving distance of your client, you can save a significant amount on shipping costs. Use the Decorator Advanced Search option in ESP to search for decorators by location.

Make your timeline clear. High-volume decorators often have one-day turnaround options, but smaller decorator shops usually need at least a week to complete an order. Be clear about your timeline in your initial discussions so there’s less risk of missed deadlines.

Use ESP. Take advantage of all of the features that connect you to our network of decorators. Decorator listings contain contact information, the services they offer, mission statements and office hours.