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CRM & Orders – ESP Gets Personal

ESP’s new CRM & Orders features let you manage your daily business operations from concept to re-order without ever leaving ESP®! Stay organized, work faster and never miss a beat with these exciting new features. Rolling out in the summer of 2016, CRM & Orders will give you instant access to:

  • Your contacts – Manage all of your business relationships by having your prospect, client and supplier contact information all in one place.
  • Your orders – Repeat orders will now be effortless. CRM & Orders allows you to find both past and in-progress orders instantly.
  • Your reminders – Set alerts so you never forget to follow up with a client or check on the status of an order.
  • Your personal tasks – Become more efficient with an ongoing to-do list, with tasks assigned to yourself or others, that’s housed right in ESP.

CRM & Orders is all about you! By adding this dynamic new feature, ESP Web® is now the only fully integrated system in the industry. Featuring your prospects, clients, vendors, orders, reminders and tasks, it simply doesn’t get more personal than that.