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Real Estate Program

Real estate is a red hot market for promotional product sales, consistently landing in the Top 10 revenue-generating industries. ESP’s Event Planner features videos, tips, and even product suggestions (broken out by price point) to help you stake your claim in this lucrative market.

Agents in the housing market are always looking for new ways to stand out in their competitive field. An effective way to remind past and potential clients of their services is to brand a unique, promotional products with their contact information. Lightweight, durable products work best; they are easy to distribute to friends, family and prospects.  Magnets, pens and keytags are the most popular products in this category and can be invaluable for referrals and creating top-of-mind awareness.

Real estate is also an ideal market for high-end gifts given to clients when they buy or sell a home. A wine bottle etched with a real estate company’s logo makes a lasting impression on new homeowners! Click here to log into your ESP account to check out the Event Planner and start shopping for your real estate clients!