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The Power of Print

Advertising across social media platforms and search engines is effective, but pairing your digital advertising with powerful print pieces can make an even bigger impact on your sales numbers. We dug up some scientific research that proves the power of print:

Viewers of print media are…

  • More engaged – Digital advertising comes with a fair amount of distraction, whereas print ads don’t have to compete for the viewer’s attention.
  • Reading at a slower, more deliberate pace – While digital readers skim and bounce, print readers delve deeper into content.
  • Comprehending content on a higher level – Print readers statistically receive higher reading comprehension scores than those who read on a screen.
  • Experiencing purchasing behavior – Studies show that print ads lead to large increases in brand favorability and purchase intent.
  • Activating multiple senses – Holding paper and turning pages creates a multisensory experience, which causes the memory to retain more.
  • Remembering more – Studies show that viewers are more likely to remember the content of an ad if they saw it in print.
  • Processing more emotions – Viewers of print ads are more likely to put themselves into the experience of the ad or fantasize about what is being sold.

ASI® members have a variety of print advertising opportunities right at their fingertips. Our six annual catalog publications make incredible sales tools for you to leave behind with your clients after sales meetings. We’ll even imprint them with your company logo or contact information for free! And we have some cool, new digital products that we created expressly to work hand in hand with print pieces. Click here to learn more about ASI catalogs.


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