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Make Your ESP Presentation Shine in 5 Easy Steps

Client presentations are valuable sales tools – make sure yours is as polished and professional as possible by following these five easy steps:

  1. Select products that complement each other. Collections don’t need to be totally random and unrelated; they can be cohesive, logical and make good sense. Carefully selected products that fit together make it easier for your clients to understand how they benefit them as a full promotional package. As an added bonus, you may even upsell a client to order more merchandise than originally planned.
  2. Hide text-heavy portions of product descriptions. Using the Edit Products tab in ESP’s Presentations Manager, you can hide, show and edit portions of the product description. If sections such as imprint options and imprint methods are too wordy, simply edit or hide them so that your presentation looks cleaner at first glance.
  3. Choose a theme that matches your client’s brand. Choose colors, fonts and textures that are present in your client’s brand or logo. This will help reinforce with the client that what they’re seeing are promotions unique to them and their company identity.
  4. Use virtual samples. If you have a .jpg or .pdf file of your client’s logo, add it to your product images using our super-simple, one-click Virtual Sample tab. Studies show that sales close rates increase by as much as 80% simply by showing a customer how their brand will look on the final products.
  5. Upload to your ESP Website. All presentations created in ESP® can be uploaded to your ESP Website, which is an easy and convenient way to drive buying visitors to your site so they can learn more about you, your company and the merchandise you sell. Simply share a link with your client and he will be able to view an interactive presentation right on your website that contains both order and payment capabilities. No other system in the industry has this selling feature.

Start using these great tools today and watch your sales soar!