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6 Tips to Help You Break into the Education Market

Education is one of the most lucrative markets for distributors of promotional products. Here are six actionable tips to help you expand your client base by breaking into the education market.

  1. Start in your own backyard. Identify education leaders who have the greatest influence in your local schools, universities and academic organizations. Network with them and show them you’ve got the hottest products that students will be looking for this upcoming school year. PTO presidents and those in charge of school fundraising make a good place to start.
  2. Expand your prospect list. Try sending copies of the Idea Showcase® Schools catalog to brand-new audiences, including charter schools, tutoring centers, private schools, independent nonprofit schools, vocational schools, prep academies and more. The best way to expand your audience is to show them all you have to offer.
  3. Stay on top of trends. Branded wearables are big sellers in the education market. You’re going to want to present your clients with styles and decoration suggestions that are on-trend since the end-users are mostly students. Know what the students are wearing and provide examples of what’s hot in addition to the classics.
  4. Stand out from the pack. You’re competing to win business from prospects in the education field. Strategize a unique value proposition that demonstrates why you are the better choice. Determine what’s special about the services you offer and communicate how that can help the prospect achieve their particular goals. Remember, it’s all about them.
  5. Ask for referrals. Nothing helps businesses grow like good word-of-mouth. Associations and organizations in this field make this a small world. When you do a stellar job with a client, use that as a case study to help drum-up more business in this market.
  6. Create a Web store specific to the education market. Specialty Shoppes powered by ESP Websites™are pre-merchandised Web stores that come loaded with 4 product collections specific to a top industry market.The Education Specialty Shoppe includes product collections for apparel, tech, spirit/cheer merchandise and supplies. It is e-commerce-enabled so you can accept online payments instantly through the Web store! Click here to find out more.