Newsletter Article

Coming in 2016: Simplify the Way You Do Business with ESP’s CRM/Orders

Think of the CRM/Orders features of ESP® as your personal assistant: keeping track of your contacts, alerting you to upcoming deadlines, organizing your day and acting as a financial record keeper.

ESP’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) feature stores profiles of every company you do business with. These profiles contain every connection you’ve had with a specific company including past orders, financial quotes, and shared product presentations. You can also use it to keep personal notes on each company, and/or assign tasks and reminders for follow-ups. ESP’s powerful CRM sends you follow-up notifications as reminders become due.

ESP’s CRM also links to our new Orders feature, so your saved company contacts will automatically populate when it’s time to process an order.

The Orders feature will make placing and processing orders easier than ever! Since all of the product information is part of the ESP database, there’s no need to re-type or copy and paste product information and pricing—it all automatically transfers to the sales order.

Supplier purchase orders and customer invoices are available with one click, the instant your order is placed, streamlining the whole ordering process.

We estimate that based on the average distributor behavior, ESP’s new CRM and Orders tools will save our users $7500 and 500 hours a year. Now that’s something to look forward to!