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Share the Wealth!

ESP Web’s upgraded Presentations tool now allows you to share your presentation in several different formats, with a simple click of your mouse.

Once you have finalized the content and design of your presentation and you’re ready to send it to a client, click the Share link at the top of the page.

You are able to choose from multiple format options using the Share window. Create an HTML or PDF version of the presentation by clicking the large grey button. You will notice an automated email appears which includes a link to your presentation as well as a pre-written note to the client.

If you’d prefer to export your presentation to a Microsoft© PowerPoint document, there is also an option for that in the Share window. 

To generate more traffic to your ESP Website™, choose the Publish to ESP Websites option. This will upload your presentation to your e-commerce site, where prospects can not only view the products you’ve recommended for them, they can also place their order and pay for it right on your site!

Click here and login to your ESP® account and start sharing your product presentations.