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Share Product Ideas on Social Media

Want to share the cool products you find in ESP® with your Facebook™ friends and customers? With ESP, it’s easy to share product details on any of your social media pages.

First, go to the Product Detail page of the product you’re interested in posting. Next, click the Send link to the right of the product name. Once the Send Product Detail Page(s) window pops up, select the option to Send as HTML Link and hit Send.

Within your email browser, an email window will appear that includes an active link in its body. When you copy that link and paste it into your Facebook status bar, you will share the product detail page with all of your Facebook friends.

However, take precautions when you’re sharing products on social media websites. If your followers include customers, you’ll want to be sure that the product detail pages do not include any supplier pricing or information. You can do this by activating your ESP Web® account into Client Safe Mode. You’ll find this option in the drop down menu accessed by clicking on the top right avatar icon.