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Focusing On Finance

The financial sector is the third largest market for promotional products behind health care and education. Annually, financial companies represent $2 billion of distributor revenue. Are you capitalizing on this opportunity?

Here are some expert tips for targeting this lucrative market:

  1. Think bigger. Don’t assume that all financial companies are looking for imprinted pens or money clips. Companies like mortgage lenders and private equity firms have reported a need for high-end logoed products such as tech products.
  2. Be strategic. The nature of the financial market leads prospects and clients to be wary of salespeople. Take your time getting to know them to establish a sense of trust and formulate your business plan accordingly.
  3. Understand the individual client. There are many segments within the financial sector and each one will have different expectations for their promotional product provider. If you have multiple financial clients from different segments of the industry, be sure to build a plan that is based on the specific needs of each one instead of a general plan for all.
  4. Get involved. Small banks and credit unions are often looking for ways to reach out locally. Demonstrate the value of promotional products at community gatherings such as festivals, fundraisers and political events.
  5. Create an industry-targeted Web store. Our Finance Specialty Shoppe is an e-commerce enabled website that comes pre-loaded with products targeted to the financial sector. Get a professional and market-specific Web store without any of the hard work! Click here for more information.


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