Runway Report: Rubin Singer

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Fashion designers often take their inspiration from exotic locations or romantic time periods. Rubin Singer, on the other hand, was inspired by mathematics. He took his design muse from constant formulas and the abstract algebraic concept of homomorphism. All concepts you can picture on the runway, right?

The arithmetic muse does make sense when you see the collection. On one gown, the bodice construction consisted of pleated sections that were folding into themselves across calculated angles. Another dress used a laminated geometric pattern. The fabric draped like a normal fabric but was also manipulated into three-dimensional shapes around the neckline. A simpler embellishment from this collection were the dresses that were embroidered with mirror pieces in irregular polygon shapes.

Tip: Geometric patterns always make an impact. Plotting the design mathematically does not take away from the creative aspect of your look. Experiment with different angles, scales and methods of manipulating your fabrics.