Fashion-Minded Fleece

Fleece has been known for its cozy warmth and comfortable cut for years. It’s the sort of item one wears around the house or running errands on cold days. Today, however, fleece offers a stepped-up style in a number of options. The traditional sweatshirt for example, offers compelling fleece variations in pullovers, quarter-zips, zip-fronts and more – with a hood or without. Though fleece does not have the reputation of being runway-ready, there has been a noticeable broadening of the category and upping of the fashion factor.

“There are many of these styles available, so added details in styling and color help some to stand out from the basics,” says Margaret Crow, director of marketing for S&S Activewear (asi/84358). “Neons and bright colors are popular, and accent colors, or accents in camouflage, are great.”

One example is the J. America Cosmic Poly Fleece, which is made from spun polyester fleck fleece. “Spun polyester is wonderfully soft and comfortable, and the ‘fleck’ makes interesting colors,” Crow says. “This style comes in a quarter-zip (8614) and pullover hoodie for men (8613) and a pullover hood for women (8616).”

Flecked fleece is a popular look thanks to the random, tonal pattern it produces, as seen in the J. America Cosmic poly-fleece hoodie (8616) from S&S Activewear (asi/84358; circle 76 on Free Info Card).

Colorblocking and patterned paneling in a bright color add flair to fleece. The Badger digital camo colorblocked hoodie (1464) is available from S&S Activewear (asi/84358; circle 76 on Free Info Card).

Fleece gets dressed up for the office with the Riley peacoat (LB677), featured in the Lilac Bloom collection from Tri-Mountain (asi/92125; circle 77 on Free Info Card). .

Pattern is definitely in play as an up-and-coming fleece trend. Crow references the Badger digital camo colorblock performance hoodie (1464), which has moisture-management and antimicrobial properties. “The touch of camouflage makes this style trendy,” she says. “It’s selling well for teams as well as the corporate market.”

“In fleece, neons and bright colors are popular, and accents of colors or camouflage.”

Margaret Crow, S&S Activewear (asi/84358)

Beyond the sporty, fleece can also designed “office-ready.” Something feminine with a classic silhouette is timeless fashion. The Lilac Bloom collection from Tri-Mountain (asi/92125) offers the Riley (LB677), a peacoat in a simple hip-length, double-breasted design. The garment is suitable for the workweek or weekend. Fashion details such as a two-button cuff and front pockets with a princess seam deliver a fitted look that appears tailored to the wearer.