Fall in With Military Jackets

Military fashions remain front and center on the runway each season; look no further than Marc Jacobs’ fatigues-inspired lineup and Sacai’s and Rodarte’s inventively revamped military-based collection. “Military jackets have a sophisticated and classic look,” says Ben Menendez, sales manager for Harvest Industrial & Trade Co. Ltd. (asi/61670). “We have seen the military jacket evolve into an iconic piece in the fashion world.” Because military jackets rank high in the fashion pecking order, Menendez says, they make perfect gifts for employees, especially those constantly on the go. “The military jacket is a great piece for traveling because it provides the wearer with a comfortable, loose fit,” he says. “It would certainly be a welcome surprise as a gift for employees.”

B-15 satin flight jacket (Z2213) from Cockpit USA (asi/43022; circle 111 on Free Info Card).

Cormier 3-in-1 jacket (19303) with heat transfer from Trimark Sportswear Group (asi/92122; circle 88 on Free Info Card).

Military jacket (3068) with embroidery from Bishop The Garment Co (asi/40585; circle 110 on Free Info Card).

Peace Corps vintage jacket (MAW012) from Harvest Industrial & Trade Co Ltd (asi/61670; circle 109 on Free Info Card).

Nylon MA-1 flight jacket (7182) from Rothco (asi/83708; circle 104 on Free Info Card).