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The Latest in machine and decoration Products

The Latest in machine and decoration Products

Flashback Express Flash-Cure Unit – Workhorse Products

The new Flashback Express from Workhorse Products (circle 82 on Free Info Card) works with the new small diameter, entry-level Freedom Express automatic press. This new system has a smaller design to fit in the footprint of the press but still the same configurations as the larger and standard Flashback unit. The Flashback Express has the curing ability of 16” x 16”, and allows for printing, flashing and cooling all on the same print head. It has four quick-flashing quartz elements and two quick-cooling turbo fans.

CRC SmartWasher 28 – Graphic Solutions Group

The CRC SmartWasher 28 from Graphic Solutions Group (circle 84 on Free Info Card) offers a safe non-toxic alternative to the usual petroleum-based solvent washers for cleaning squeegees, flood bars and other screen-printing tools. The solution can be used on all types of metal parts and won’t damage rubber or plastic components. Through the process of bioremediation, the solution remains clean and usable over time, unlike traditional solvent-based systems. The SmartWasher 28 features an impact-resistant washing unit with a flexible nozzle and brush, a 28-inch wide sink and a front-mounted electronic control panel with a convenient knee switch.

Tajima DG 15 by Pulse – Hirsch

The Tajima DG 15 by Pulse and available through Hirsch (circle 83 on Free Info Card) has new integration features to enhance productivity. Operating messages displayed on the machine’s control board help with immediate instructions for specific design requirements and reminders. The machine helps communicate information during production such as when the completion date is, where the finished product should go and how it should be packaged.