Editor's Letter: That '70s Shoot

On the day of our annual high-fashion shoot, the photo studios at ASI entered a time warp. There was shag carpet on the floor, funky beats (yes, including the Star Wars Disco Theme) filling the room and some of the grooviest looks since the days of Farrah Fawcett and Bianca Jagger.

Every year for our Style Issue, we showcase a collection of the most complex, daring and downright beautiful decorated garments around. This year was no different. Our fashion shoot required months of planning and rigorous coordination to bring some of the edgiest looks to the pages of our magazine.

We decided to highlight the ’70s fashion revival that dominated runways at all the Fall shows. The rekindled interest in the “Me Decade” makes a lot of sense. Clean looks and narrow cuts have become the staple look in apparel for over a decade, and the highest of high-fashion designers are beginning to push back – loosening the silhouettes, getting even bolder with pattern and embracing looks with “flair” like fringe and metallics.

“The rekindled interest in the ‘Me Decade’ makes a lot of sense.”

To create our photo shoot, we enlisted once again the help of stylist and designer Conrad Booker, who came up with concepts that reinterpreted the looks of the decade with a modern spin. From there, Senior Staff Writer Theresa Hegel and intern Alexandra Steel helped bring Booker’s sketches to life by hunting down outfits from leading designers and decorators in our industry. Photographer Mark Pricskett came up with a moody gray set design that allowed this attention-getting collection to shine.

The results we think are fantastic, and we hope that the photo shoot will serve as inspiration for you the next time you come up with a design or custom garment.

Style is obviously the central concept of this issue, and we’ve covered the subject from a number of angles. In this issue you’ll find:

  • Our Wearables Trendsetters list, which identifies the individuals who set the standard in our industry for trends and innovation.
  • Our feature on printing for retail. Top apparel retailers and clothing lines have a need for decoration, and screen printers can be their trusted partner, provided they deliver the quality and attention to detail that these clients demand.
  • A showcase on camo, which kicks off our Trends section. It’s not just for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts anymore; camo is now a well-accepted fashion option that can be deployed as a bold and stylish accent.
  • Our article on wearable technology for women. The initial surge of wearable devices has been decidedly geeky in look and function. The category needs to be reimagined with fashion in mind if these companies want to appeal to women.

For years in this industry, “style” was viewed with a skeptical eye, given the sizable gap between promotional apparel and retail. But we know today that divide has vastly shrunk, and I hope it’s clear just how important a role style can play in our industry.

Thanks for reading,

What’s In My Closet?

Each issue, we ask our readers a simple question: What is your favorite branded apparel item in your closet? Send in a photo of you and your favorite garment, and tell us in a paragraph why you love it. We run one submission each issue, and that lucky winner receives a $25 Visa Gift Card.

This issue, our submission comes from Allison Somerset, marketing assistant for Aventa (asi/31940): “After my first trip to Georgetown cupcakes, I fell in love. Cupcakes are possibly my favorite thing ever, and being in the shop made me so happy. I remember seeing the pink Georgetown Cupcake shirt, and falling in love all over again. It’s so soft and my favorite color is pink. How could I resist? I checked the tag and realized it was from American Apparel. After many washes the lettering never cracked or faded. While working at Aventa, an order came through to screen print and compress some Georgetown Cupcake T-shirts. I was ecstatic to know that my absolute favorite shirt was screen printed right where I work.