The Digital Age

From the remarkable digitized portraiture displayed on Fendi’s spring/summer dress collection to the delicately laser-etched floral bouquets on Anna Sui’s fall frocks, digital designs are being applied to all kinds of apparel with immensely successful results.

“Digital printing is one of the biggest developments ever in the apparel industry,” says Nan Napier in her recent El Paso Inc. article, “Technology Strikes Again: Digital Prints Invade Fashion.”

“When you add to that popularity these new digital prints – think full-color designs printed directly onto fabrics in one process – you’ve got one noteworthy fashion development.”

Whether it’s sublimation or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, digital has many advantages. For one, its lack of quantity limits (just one and two items are easy to do without extra cost). Also, its infinite color selection, as many as a client can want on a garment. Simply put, digital printing’s ability to reproduce real-life images produces stunning results.