Hot Products: Messenger Bags

Back in the era of desktop computing, going mobile required a dolly and a lot of long cords. But just as laptops and tablets continue to remake the world of labor and leisure, the bags we use to keep those tools with us have undergone their own quiet revolution.

Messenger bags aren’t the only option for the on-the-go business pro or student, but they are the one choice that comes with its own brand of “cool.” Whether it’s the image of a wily bike messenger barely surviving some urban adventure or the supreme confidence of a well-appointed executive carrying an equally tasteful bag, the messenger bag retains a certain flair that other styles can’t match.

Look around: these bags are definitely having a moment. With models at every price point and attention consistently focused on providing the most versatility in the sleekest design, messenger bags are poised to take your client’s message to all the right places.