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GSG MR Kruzer Manual Press.png

Kruzer Manual Press – GSG
The M&R Kruzer is a new entry-level manual printing press offered by GSG (circle 131 on free info card) that is ideal for small print shops. This six-color/four-station press has a lever-adjusted, off-contact system that works vertically, thus removing the need for a separate angle adjustment. The Kruzer also includes tapered-roller-bearing-supported upper and lower carousels, a microregistration system, machined center shaft and three-point pallet leveling system.

Exposing Unit

Ryonet DIY Screen Exposure Bulb.jpg

UV Bulb for DIY Screen Exposures – Ryonet Corp.
Ryonet Corp. (asi/528500; circle 132 on free info card) has updated its DIY Print Shop Kit with the first-ever UV Screen Exposure Bulb, specifically designed to expose the same type of emulsion used in screen printing. The bulb emits light between 360-380 nm, using only 25 watts of energy and exposing screens 30% faster than before. These new bulbs will allow printers to inexpensively get the same results as those who use higher-quality units. The bulbs can go into any lamp or light fixture, turning it into an efficient exposure light.



PulseID Automation and Personalization Software – Hirsch International
PulseID from Hirsch International (asi/14982; circle 133 on free info card) regulates essential embroidery processes by automating them so the operator no longer has to repeatedly enter information or reconfigure machine settings. The program also includes a tool kit that allows software and application developers to add 3-D renderings of embroidered items online. The software enables managers to analyze data, including stitches per minute, run efficiency and thread breaks to ensure maximum performance.

Sabre Web Portal Tablet – Workhorse Products
The Sabre control panel tablet from Workhorse Products (circle 134 on free info card) now features an online portal in which managers can track press production jobs in real time from any Internet browser. For each job, the portal displays all specifications, including artwork, colors, stroke types, indexing and total finished prints. The portal comes with the purchase of any Sabre automatic press.

PowerDriver Color Management – Sawgrass Technologies
Sawgrass (circle 135 on free info card) has released PowerDriver 4, an updated color management tool for SubliJet-R Ricoh SG 3110DN and SG 7100DN printers. This update allows sublimation users to produce accurate and bold color after each use. It offers new slider-bar adjustment controls for color hue, brightness, contrast and saturation levels, and includes the ColorSure Spot Color Matching Wizard, which enables users to identify, validate and save critical spot colors.