Touchscreen Gloves to Keep Clients Connected

Apparel is known for its billboard value. Taking the concept and applying it to a handy accessory, like a glove made specifically for touchscreen electronics, brings together style and function in a big way.

“I think apparel will be designed to integrate with tech accessories, not the other way around,” says Jonathan Walther, sales and marketing for Nucom/Burk’s Bay (asi/74600). “Tech accessories are no longer geek toys but an integral part of most everyone’s lifestyle, like shoes, socks and a belt. The clothes we wear will work together with tablets, smartphones and watches to be convenient, stylish and comfortable. Why would you want to take off your gloves when it’s cold outside to access all that your smartphone has to offer?”

Given that Burk’s Bay is a leader in the promotional apparel market for leather, premium leather touchscreen gloves were an obvious addition to its collection. “Our experience and buying power bring outstanding value and quality to our customers, and our new touchscreen lambskin leather gloves are no exception,” Walther says. “Long-lasting, comfortable and stylish leather gloves are treasured by all that receive them, making them an outstanding gift or award. By giving them touchscreen capability, we insure they will be useful and practical as well.”

Lambskin leather touchscreen gloves are available in men’s (GLT-320) and ladies’ (GLT-920) sizing from Nucom/Burk’s Bay (asi/74600; circle 78 on Free Info Card).

These touchscreen gloves (301) from Illinois Glove Company (asi/62192; circle 79 on Free Info Card) are made from a super-soft chenille fabric.

Pop! Promos (asi/45657; circle 77 on Free Info Card) offers gloves with Pantone color matching and touchscreen sensitivity in three or all five fingers.

Walther says they make an excellent executive gift during the holidays or for an award – something that can be upsold with a leather jacket or just by itself. Possible uses include anniversary gifts, safety awards, sales achievements, fundraising incentives and client gifts for markets like transportation, aviation, manufacturing and automotive. “A luxury car buyer,” he says, “would very much appreciate and remember a nice pair of leather gloves with their new car purchase in December.”

Pop! Promos (asi/45657) also offers finger fashion with function. “Since the launch of our touchscreen gloves, we have consistently seen high-volume interest in this tech product that is functional in more ways than one,” says Kelly Shermer, marketing assistant at Pop! Promos. “This demand indicates that there is an interest for these types of products within the industry. Personal electronics are going to continue to expand in our everyday lives. As this trend continues, we try to continue to come up with practical ways to integrate that technology into our product line.”

Pop! Promos’ touchscreen gloves also match the client’s branding, every time. “We Pantone-match the yarn and ink so that each facet of the glove will be in-line with your client’s branding,” Shermer says. On top of all that, distributors can mix and match three different sizes, (men’s, women’s and children’s) in one order, and offer a choice of touchscreen sensitivity in three fingers or all five fingers.