Suit Up with a Pocket Square

Do your clients have an empty feeling in their chest (pocket)? Not to worry. The pocket square is once again filling the suit jackets, sport coats and dress shirts of fashionable men everywhere. Patrick Walsh, owner of KTP Design Company (asi/63773), notes the trend has definitely trickled down to the advertising specialty industry, and there are multiple markets that eagerly feature the look. “Companies that want their trade show personnel to have a dapper appearance are great candidates for custom pocket squares,” he says. “High-end retailers that are looking to add a touch of class to employee uniforms are purchasing custom pocket squares as well.” Clubs and organizations with members that value class will appreciate the items too. While matched brand colors with a step-and-repeat logo can’t go wrong, bold accent colors will introduce a delightful unexpected element into a suited look. – C.J. Mittica

Symmetry silk pocket square (PS-1) from KTP Design Company (asi/63773; circle 104 on Free Info Card).

Custom polyester pocket square (TB3081621) from T&B Promos (asi/90453; circle 105 on Free Info Card).

Custom silk wet-dye pocket square with twill weave from Buffalo Bay (asi/42416; circle 109 on Free Info Card).

Custom silk pocket square with satin finish (AP435-SPS) from Footprints USA (asi/55030; circle 107 on Free Info Card).

Cotton paisley bandanna (B22PAI-100003) from Bandanna Promotions (asi/44020; circle 108 on Free Info Card).

Custom wet-dye silk pocket scarf (C830-725-1010) from Wolfmark (asi/98085; circle 94 on Free Info Card).

Silk camo pocket square (160P-100) from Tuxedo Park Accessories (asi/91446; circle 106 on Free Info Card).