On-the-Go Tech Carry-Alls

Tech trends open the door to many product innovations, including carry-all and laptop bags. “One of the more obvious trends we see in the Consumer Electronics industry is that mobile devices such as phones, tablets and even laptops are getting smaller and sleeker,” says Matthew Olivolo, public relations director for Mobile Edge (asi/71854). “As a result of that trend, we have designed laptop bags to be smaller in form and lighter as well.”

Beyond the basic shape and structure of a bag, Mobile Edge has zeroed in on specialty features in carry-alls. “In all of our new laptop cases, in addition to our laptop protection, we have added an additional tablet pouch, as many end-users carry both a laptop and a tablet with them.” Olivolo says. “We also use extra padding on shoulder straps and handles to ensure user comfort.” If something goes wrong and your bag doesn’t make it through the airport security conveyor or simply ripped from rugged use, no worries – Mobile Edge products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Mobile Edge (asi/71854; circle 76 on Free Info Card) offers multiple types of bags to satisfy all types of tech enthusiasts. Their offerings include: (Top Left) The Express Backpack 2.0 in black/silver (MEBPE22) with an ergonomic ventilated back panel; (Top Middle) The Razer tactical gaming backpack (RAZERBP17) with a padded compartment and built-in rain cover; and (Right) Verona laptop tote (MEWVLG) for women with a vegan leather exterior.

The biggest challenge you’ll face is choice, since Mobile Edge offers more than 350 different products. The selection includes practically any type of office-appropriate bag: backpacks, briefcases, messengers, handbags, portfolios and more. The company also includes specialized options, like bags that accommodate larger laptops (most bags are built to hold laptops 15.4” or smaller) and ScanFast checkpoint-friendly cases that allow travelers to avoid taking their laptops out of their bag when going through airport security.

“When we work with distributors, based on the feedback of their customer, we then tailor our recommendations to suit their customer’s needs,” Olivolo says. “Whether it is a leather briefcase, canvas messenger bag, backpack or a stylish tote for business women, we have the right choice for any customer.”

Taking Ownership

Tech device ownership has skyrocketed as companies like Apple and Samsung continue to innovate and create revolutionary new devices. Here is the percentage of Americans 18 years and older that own each type of mobile device, according to the Pew Research Center:

  • Cellphones  91%
  • Laptops  61%
  • Tablets  42%
  • E-readers 32%