Equipment Corner


Next-Generation mPower iSeries printers – Anajet

Anajet (asi/16000; circle 82 on Free Info Card) has launched its next-generation mPower iSeries printers. The updated printers have enhanced performance and stability, smoother operation and updated software features. New additions include board covers and coatings to prevent ink splash, exhaust fans, relocated encoder strip, repositioned control panel for easier operation and easier clean up.SPARK Software is now included with purchase of an mPower printer for a limited time.

M-Link X Direct-to-Garment Digital Printer – M&R

The M-Link X is a new aggressively priced, high speed direct-to-garment digital printer from M&R (circle 81 on Free Info Card). The unit prints full-size images on white shirts in 30 to 34 seconds and dark shirts in less than a minute. Its Black Color Mode prevents the printer from laying down white underbase and black ink on black image areas. For colored garments, Economy Color Mode prevents the printer from laying down white underbase where black will be printed. The high image quality comes from M&R’s proprietary i-Color RIP Software, exclusive Absolute Position Technology (APT), and DuPont Artistri Brite digital textile inks.


Wilflex Oasis Intense Ink Series – PolyOne

PolyOne (circle 83 on Free Info Card) has launched a new line of high solids, aqueous ink series to its Wilflex Oasis non-phthalate, non-PVC screen printing ink collection. The Oasis Intense series is designed to cure at a lower processing temperature, reducing energy use with any drying equipment. Wilflex Oasis Intense technology comes complete with a mixing base, opaque white, and pre-mixed black ink for both automatic and manual equipment; custom brand colors can be matched with the color mixing capabilities. Oasis Intense offers a smooth, matte surface finish for overprint colors and virtually no after-flash tack.


Heat Printing Equipment Cart – Hotronix

New from Hotronix (circle 84 on Free Info Card), the Heat Printing Equipment Cart is designed to give decorators more counter space, can double as an extra layout table and easily transport equipment from place to place. It can hold head presses, laser printers, DTG equipment, laminators, small vinyl cutters or heat printing accessories. The cart also features an adjustable lever to raise or lower the height.

Magnetic Sided Bobbin – Madeira USA

Madeira USA (circle 85 on Free Info Card) announced its new bobbin, a magnetic L style. The magnetic bobbin is 144 yards, made from filament polyester, boxed with 144 bobbins in a box and currently comes in white. The new bobbin is aimed toward decorators who currently use magnetic bobbins for their economic value and convenience. Each provides uniform tension throughout the life of the bobbin, which possibly increases the lifespan of the bobbin.


Spectra Perform Clear Gloss – Imprintables Warehouse

Spectra Perform Clear Gloss from Imprintables Warehouse (asi/58475; circle 86 on Free Info Card) is a printable heat transfer vinyl with a glossy, watermark finish that’s ideal for printing full-color graphics on white or light-colored items. It features excellent stretch and rebound, and can be heat applied to polyester, cotton, spandex and most nylons.

School Fan Wear Designs – The Wild Side

The Wild Side (circle 87 on Free Info Card) has a new back-to-school line of football  designs geared toward fan wear for students and parents, including sayings such as“Keep Calm and Play On”,“Football Mom” and“Love” with the O in a football shape. Made with rhinestones, these screen-printed designs are full-front sizes and can go on light or dark clothing made of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and 50/50 blends.