One Way or Another: Stripe Shirt

Retro styling has been in vogue for several seasons, but rather than petering out as time goes by, this style has only revved up. Fashions for fall and winter 2014-2015 are saturated with designs from yesteryear, whether it’s 1950s dress silhouettes or 1980s neons. This dynamite crewneck tee featuring a grain-sack stripe print (01935EA) from Alternative Apparel (asi/34850; circle 98 on Free Info Card) takes on this trend with gusto and infuses it with innovative upgrades. The shirt is form-fitting and flattering with a sturdy, street-smart look to it that’s only enhanced when paired with jeans. Lightweight and garment washed, the shirt’s unique grain-sack stripe gives it an edgy look and tons of nostalgic appeal.