Get Tickled With Pink

From Chanel’s metallic pink running suit to Dior’s cotton-candy-hued fur trenchcoat, pink, of all shades, is a notable frontrunner this fall. This playful and lively pastel is intent on staying in the spotlight post-spring and summer, primarily as a result of 1960s-resurgent clothing and styles.

“While our fall color palette is typically comprised of neutral hues, things changed in a big way this season. Alongside classic shades of gray, camel, black and ivory were electrifying jolts of fuchsia,” notes a recent article by Style.com. Pink is an excellent way to get rid of the coming winter blues.

Shakira Parks of Boxercraft (asi/41325) also mentions fuchsia as one of the hottest fall shades. “Fuchsia in particular has become much more of a staple than a trend,” she says. “It’s one of those colors that energizes, commands attention and gets you noticed. It’s a great transitional color you can wear all year-round, plus it can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe.”