Top Trends For 2015

What’s now and what’s next? We take a look ahead.

Everything moves in cycles, and that certainly includes fashion trends. “New” trends are often just old ones recycled and updated for modern tastes. But just because styles are rooted in the past doesn’t mean they are all regarded the same way. Some are at the peak of their popularity while others are on the precipice of going big. Some trends lay dormant for decades while others never really fell out of favor. Here’s our look at what’s popular now and next. The key quality they share? All of them will matter in 2015.


Bold colors are inescapable right now. Neon heathers add welcome complexity and open up lucrative new groups of buyers. Garment-dyed items create deep, rich hues and can be found in everything from tanks to bags. Look for them in crossover items like casual garments with athletic references, which bring the performance craze to the fashion-conscious.


These hot fashion week styles are just starting to be seen in the promo realm. Long tees hanging down to the mid-thigh (and beyond) were popular in the New York shows, but unlike the ’90s baggy aesthetic, these are more form-fitting. Designers like Todd Snyder and Alexander Wang are popularizing tailored sweats. And bags don’t have to be boring anymore, thanks to arresting graphic prints.


The promo ranks are being infiltrated by these popular retail looks. Vintage designs remain the epitome of cool, and new soft-hand techniques create stunning lightweight looks. Plaid is a pattern powerhouse. Meanwhile, polos and tunics, that corporate staple for women, are incorporating fashion touches like colorblocking and epaulettes.