Color In Demand

Color availability is a big key for trends. Stitch Labs, a leader in inventory management for retailers and wholesalers, released a new infographic with updated consumer color preferences. The study included all products, but included mostly apparel and accessories. Some of the most interesting facts include:

  • Pink, purple and yellow have the lowest price per unit of all the colors analyzed. Navy and brown have the highest revenue per unit.
  • Products with colors of the rainbow (chromatic) only make up 37% of all units sold. Achromatic colors – black, white, neutrals, etc. – account for nearly two-thirds of all products sold.
  • The average revenue per unit for achromatic products is 15% higher than for a chromatic product.
  • Black is critical to any mix – it’s two-and-a-half times more popular than the next color in line, white.
  • Even though blue is the world’s most popular color, preferred by 40% of people, it’s only the third most popular color sold in apparel. (After blue, grey, red, pink and green are the next most-sold apparel colors.)

How does availability of imprintable apparel keep up with consumer demand? We checked ESP for each of those colors plus the word “shirt,” e.g. “pink shirt.” Here’s what we found from least to most:

1,598 multicolor shirts
8,439 yellow shirts
14,457 purple shirts
13,765 pink shirts
27,719 blue shirts
31,668 red shirts
40,072 white shirts
40,656 black shirts