Business Matters

Apparel distributors and decorators don’t need a reason to justify their services. We know how effective branded apparel is. We know companies absolutely need to market themselves. Only a few misguided souls would even ask “Why print something on a T-shirt?” Today more than ever, the decorated apparel industry matters.

And the results of our fifth annual Wearables Sales Forecast overwhelmingly support that notion. Printed apparel and accessories are expected to total $8.6 billion in revenue for 2015. Our survey respondents are predicting sales and margin increases in all the major product categories, including major gains in T-shirt and overall sales. If that’s the case, you’d better be prepared for a lot of printing.

As we all know, increased sales don’t just happen. They are the result of proactive planning and strategies that are intelligently implemented. To that effect, our Sales Forecast cover story package arms you with the information and actions to help build your business – everything from how to increase your order size to which markets are worth targeting.

Our Sales Forecast survey is full of interesting information about our industry. Here are some revealing insights I gleaned:

  • Half of screen printers don’t work with other screen printers. It’s very unlikely your shop can handle every type of order or every possible screen-printing technique or effect. Strike an alliance with a non-competing shop to take on the specialized orders you can’t do or the overflow during your busiest times.
  • Companies who don’t provide screen printing are much less likely to serve the education market (35%) than screen printers (57%). The reverse holds true for fields like health care and manufacturing. Product clearly rules here, and where the T-shirt and polo sells big, that’s where screen printers will be.
  • Margins were predicted to increase overall by 5.5%. This has been a major sore spot for industry companies the last few years. To make this true, distributors and decorators really have to stick to their guns and hold the line on prices or even raise them when necessary.

There is much more in this issue. We identify top trends for 2015, teach you how to perfect your screen registration, help build your referrals and also crown a grand champion for our Top Decorator competition. Get started now, because 2015 will be here sooner than you think.

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