Fashion Faceoff: Meet Victoria Jenkins

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Six students at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia are competing in Wearables' new Fashion Faceoff contest. Juniors in Moore's fashion program have spent the year desigining and constructing athleisure looks, and we added on to their assignment, asking them to create an original embellishment design for a blank garment from Vantage Apparel. Check back regularly to learn more about Victoria and her work.

Name: Victoria Jenkins
Age: 26
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Q. Who are your design inspirations?

A. I am inspired by infinity and can relate it dynamically to practical and mental concepts. I have related the concept of infinity to the outer space, our sun, past vs. present, trompe-l’oeil yarns, and poetry. Fashion designers who inspire me are: Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and Versace.

Q. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

A. Within my design aesthetic I emit energy. I describe my aesthetic as defined, yet unconditioned; burning purely and consistently, unable to settle because the energy overflows. Flowing outward and then backward represents infinite bliss. I am a true believer in the fact that one doesn’t have to dress in baggy unlively clothes just because they’re older. Likewise, one doesn’t have to dress in tight, revealing clothes, just because they’re young.

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A. I am creating that now. The past has gotten me to my present, and my present is in sync creating my future. Thus, things are getting clearer for me. I know I love textile design, visual merchandizing and designing mutable women’s and men’s clothes that transition well from morning to evening wear.


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