Scuba Blue is Worth the Plunge

Pantone's Scuba Blue is a prominent player in spring and summer 2015 collections from high-end designers like Elie Saab and Ermanno Scervino as well as fashion houses such as Bluemarine and Thakoon. A gorgeous, plush version of turquoise with a touch of extra brightness, you'll find this hue in numerous prints this season, particularly globally inspired designs.

"Scuba Blue is infusing the season with a burst of color," says Nancy Robitaille, principal designer for Fersten Worldwide Inc. (asi/53974). "Its aqua undertones are reminiscent of Caribbean warmth, and it provides such a vibrant, cheerful air, especially as we come out of the dull, black- and grey-driven winter months. What I most love about this color is that when it's applied to apparel, it can make for great stand-alone pieces."

Robitaille highly recommends incorporating this hue into a promotional strategy. "Scuba Blue is a perfect choice for any spring/summer 2015 marketing campaign, as it grabs your attention with its brightness and yet is still pleasing to the eye," she says. "It's a super color to start your selling season off right."


Bright-blue-lensed specs (154868) from Eyeking (asi/51260; circle 84 on Free Info Card).

Men's polo (FW7170) from Fersten Worldwide Inc. (asi/53974; circle 85 on Free Info Card); decorated by Stahls' (asi/88984; circle 86 on Free Info Card).

Colorblocked business tote (GL1550) from alphabroder (asi/34063; circle 87 on Free Info Card); decorated by Stahls' (asi/88984; circle 86 on Free Info Card).

as seen at... Paris fashion week

Elie Saab incorporated Scuba Blue into her spring/summer 2015 lineup by showcasing it via a variety of elegant fabrics. This gorgeous, liquid-smooth dress, which takes on this saturated hue beautifully, was exhibited during Paris Fashion Week.