Check Back

Hailing directly from 1950s and 1960s fashion, gingham is one of this season’s most significant fabric trends. Just take a look at the latest offerings from Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta and Diane von Furstenberg for an impressive display of checks in all hues and sizes, adorning everything from flowy dresses and pencil skirts to button-down blouses and woven shirts. Accessories, such as handbags and totes, are getting “checked” too.

“The gingham revival has real staying power because it’s being used in such a variety of ways and for different products,” remarks Senior Designer Vicki Ostrom of SanMar (asi/84863). “Overall, gingham’s current popularity is due to the fact that it’s retro and modern at the same time, so it suits a broad customer base and age range.” She feels this pattern lends promotional apparel tons of charm and fashion appeal: “In this industry, a gingham shirt has a fresh energy to it. And the color pops effectively, either matching customers’ logos or [creating] a visually compelling background that highlights them.”

decoration Tip
With ginghams, Northeast Stitches and Ink (asi/41325) asks customers if they want their logo to blend, work with the shirt or jump off the fabric. For the last option, says Co-Owner Sonny Mctiernan, “we have found putting a background patch or sewing field can lift the logo into the forefront.” The decorator cut a circular shape in the right chest and twisted the pattern so the lines no longer matched up.