A Prescription for Performance

The standard desire for comfort and carefree laundering is universal. At the most basic level are scrubs that are comfortable and easy to care for. Performance properties like wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, non-iron and stain-resistance are standard. The ModernFlex line of scrubs from Spectrum (asi/88680) fits the bill. Made from a 82/14/4 mix of polyester, rayon and spandex, these scrubs are breathable and flexible.

Rugged Outfitters (asi/84143) offers the new Cherokee line “Code Happy.” It too has a carefully blended fabrication – a 63/34/3 poplin mix of poly, cotton and spandex that provides a flexible and breathable garment. It has the added benefit of antimicrobial and fluid barrier technologies called Certainty, which inhibit growth of bacteria, yeast and algae while minimizing odor and stains. Certainty Plus has the same antimicrobial protection while also resisting spills

“[Antimicrobial scrubs] will be the biggest trend in medical wear over the next 10 years,” says Craig Smith of Rugged Outfitters, which is a Cherokee dealer.

Adds Ashantá Miller, creative brand director for Spectrum: “The demand for antimicrobial products in the health-care industry is on the rise. Most medical facilities are purchasing products that will keep their staff and patients safe and bacteria-free.”

Keeping the performance value of the garment intact matters, too. “The most important factor for quality and durability is the laundering standards,” Miller says. “It is also as important to use the proper type of laundering machines while paying close attention to the instructions on the care label.” Spectrum offers “Cover A Stitch” – a fusible backing that covers finished embroidery on the inside. It reduces irritation and preserves the embroidery of the garment. “The more resources that a distributor is able to offer their customer to preserve their garments,” Miller says, “the happier their customer will be!”

Fabric Matters

Choice of fabric depends on an individual’s specific needs. “Generally 65% polyester and 35% cotton is used,” says Ashantá Miller of Spectrum (asi/88680). “For comfort 100% cotton is best but, with the growing concern to eliminate bacteria growth in medical environments, 100% polyester has very low possibility for bacteria growth and is safer. Scrubs weighing less than 5.5-oz are most requested.” Also consider the finish of the fabric. The UltraSoft line from Spectrum has fabric which is ultra-brushed, making the hand exceptionally smooth.

Code Happy tops and pants from Rugged Outfitters (asi/84143; circle 79 on Free Info Card) offer Certainty Plus technology, which prevents bacteria growth and protects against spills and stains.

Performance can also be fashionable. These scrubs from the ModernFlex line at Spectrum Uniforms (asi/88680; circle 80 on Free Info Card) are flexible yet breathable with extra pockets, shapely silhouettes and attractive stitching.