Zig When Others Zag

Originally made popular by the fashion house Missoni in the late 1950s, zigzag patterning has reemerged as a forerunning apparel trend this season. The latest collections from The Row and Marc Jacobs, along with numerous retail stores, are paying homage to this enduring design, which are also known as chevrons.

Kristen Morrison, creative director and front-end developer for eReach Consulting, takes note of the zigzag’s current popularity. “Chevron pattern[ing] has become so popular that it appears across multiple industries and economic markets,” she says on eReach’s website. Missoni’s recent Target campaign, for which the Italian fashion house designed a line of clothing, put the trend back into the spotlight. The line completely sold out within 24 hours and crashed Target’s website repeatedly. Moreover, it inspired a wave of “chevron madness” from other retailers like Forever 21 and spread the pattern into many areas beyond fashion.