Ready for the Rain?

Are you and your clients living in one of the rainiest U.S. states? The top five, according to www.currentresults.com, are Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and, of course, Florida. America’s top 10 rainiest states average 50 inches of rain per year. From that data alone, there is a lot of opportunity to make sales rain.

You must, however, know what type of raincoat is right for your client and the promotion. Fortunately there are many styles and price points in this category, which range from sleek, high-tech jackets to shapeless-yet-practical ponchos. “When sourcing a raincoat there are so many variables,” says Lori Anderson, marketing manager at River’s End Trading Company (asi/82588).

She suggests considering a number of questions to pinpoint the perfect garment, including price point, brand, intended use and sought-after features. “For example,” says Anderson, “if a client is a TV station and the reporters will be using the raincoats out in the elements ... they will want a recognizable retail brand.” The apparel solution should be stylish to look good on the air while providing the best overall protection. For this type of scenario, Anderson recommends a quality performance jacket from Columbia with the company’s Omni-Tech proprietary technology, which combines waterproof protection with breathability that allows moisture to move away from the skin. “The result is outerwear that keeps you dry and comfortable no matter what,” she says. “This waterproof-breathable combination makes the Columbia rainwear extremely effective over other rainwear that is only waterproof.”

Similarly, if the raincoat is to be sold at an upscale resort, the brand, its performance features and style elements will be important. By contrast, large outdoor events such as a football game or concert do not require a performance branded jacket. The perfect solution may be as inexpensive as a rain poncho.

Katharina Pieper, marketing manager for BamBams (asi/38228), says you don’t have to trade effectiveness for budget programs. She notes BamBams style #RP-100, made of PVC-0.1mil, as a choice that meets a tight price point but still performs. “This rain poncho is definitely an effective rain barrier, even for heavier rain showers, and comes with an attached head cover,” Pieper says. “It is important to know that the reusable rain ponchos [in contrast to cheaper disposable options] are more environmental friendly, and with an imprint, the brand logo gets more impressions.”

Bottom line: There’s a rainwear solution to meet the needs of any audience, location, application or price point.