Hot Products Showcase: Pet Apparel

Pet apparel might seem to be a novelty – until you realize just how passionate people are about their furry little companions. Tap into that deep emotional investment, and you have the beginnings of a powerful marketing campaign.

The pet market in general has remained admirably robust; pet owners spent $56 billion last year – a record high. One especially interesting upward trend is what marketing research firm Packaged Facts calls the “humanization of pets.“ Namely, people are more apt than ever to treat their pet as one of the family, and pamper them appropriately. This is where the appeal of pet apparel begins to transcend merely “cute“ and starts to get serious.

For potential customers, consider any of the pet-centered services that may have once seemed marginal: sitters, walkers or groomers, for instance. And even as the number of homeless animals continues to rise, so too does the number of organizations which provide much-needed adoption services.

Becoming part of this healthy market is easy, and it begins by giving great