Facing Nature

Lynka Promotional Solutions (circle 105 on Free Info Card) has established itself as a leading distributor and decorator in Europe since it was started over two decades ago. The company, based in Krakow, Poland, has generated award-winning prints by teaming with talented artists to create stunning designs. This particular eye-popping piece was created by artist Darek Suchocki, who has partnered with Lynka for over 15 years.

This “Leaf” design created by Suchocki is actually printed in three versions: a 9-color separation in plastisol inks (shown here), a 7-color separation for printing with water-based ink, and a 5-color separation with discharge inks. Lynka created multiple versions to meet the increasing demand for water-based and discharge prints. “Since each of these printing techniques requires the use of different types of density grids,” says Joanna Kocab, marketing/sales specialist, “the challenge was to get all the colors as close as we possibly could, despite the difference in the amount of printed colors in all three techniques.”