Tech Tidbits: Designer Envisions 'Underskin' Tech

The designer of Fitbit, the Google Ara modular phone and the Sproutling baby monitor has developed a conceptual user interface device he calls Project Underskin, a piece of wearable technology embedded in the hand. Gadi Amit of San Francisco-based design consultancy New Deal Design says it features two sub-dermal screens (one in the palm and one in the thumb) that can not only monitor health statuses such as glucose levels, but also allow the wearer to exchange data through a handshake, conduct financial transactions, unlock doors and even analyze inner emotions.

It’s a subcutaneous system described as Introvert OS by Amit, and is designed to operate using the body’s electro-chemical energy. New Deal Design also believes it can fully customize a device, allowing it to analyze an individual’s movements by adapting to unique gestures and hand signals. The team at New Deal Design believes it will be ready for widespread use within five years.

Apparel Company Crowdfunds Unstainable Shirt

Elizabeth & Clarke, an apparel company that offers women’s dress shirts by subscription, recently closed its successful Kickstarter campaign to fund two new colors of their Unstainable Shirt. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $221,000, with more than 2,900 backers pledging between April 21 and May 20.

The machine-washable, dryer-safe Unstainable Shirt is made of a soft, lightweight crêpe de chine that’s covered in tiny fibers. The nanotechnology within the fibers allows the shirt to repel almost any liquid with a water or oil base, including wine, coffee, salad dressing and sweat, which then evaporates before soaking into the fabric. Each fiber is 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand, making them undetectable to the touch and invisible even with a microscope.

After the Kickstarter campaign, all those who pledged now have the opportunity to order Unstainable Shirts in blush rose or black, in addition to white.