Cover Item: Straight from the Source

Our annual Source Book is designed to find the best the industry has to offer – like the new Vapor quarter-zip pullover (CV80) from Champion Branded Printwear (asi/59528; circle 111 on Free Info Card). The design was created by ASI Editorial Senior Designer Glen Karpowich and laser etched by Target Decorated Apparel (asi/90549; circle 112 on Free Info Card)

No Sweat

New for 2015, the Vapor series from Champion “evaporates moisture exceptionally fast, so athletes can work harder and dry faster during tough workouts,” says Rachel Newman, director of sales and marketing for Hanes Branded Printwear, which sells the Champion brand. This quarter-zip pullover is made from 5.3 oz. 100% polyester jersey with zoned-mesh inserts for ventilation and breathability.

Laser Sights

Laser etching creates a fantastic tone-on-tone look on 100% polyester fabrics, and is an ideal lightweight option for performance garments. It is also incredibly versatile choice for decoration placement. “Laser etch can be used anywhere on the garment!” says Target PrePress Manager Jen Neve. “It is best for smaller imprints, however it is possible to do full fronts, wraps, and more.”

One For All

According to data from Champion, nine out of 10 consumers wear performance apparel for activities other than exercise. It means garments like this sleek pullover are suitable for a wide range of markets. “More and more, consumers look for performance features such as wicking and quick drying,” Newman says, “which are ideal for any number of end uses.”

Decoration Tip

Neve stresses the importance of using vector artwork, in formats like .AI, .EPS, or .PDF.  “Since the laser etch essentially creates a tone-on-tone effect, the vector art needs to be converted to one color,” she says. “This should be one object, with any knockouts created as compound paths. This will tell the laser software where to etch the artwork onto the garment.”