Wearables Top Decorator

Our elite decoration competition returns for 2014. The first challenge: Conquer the dreaded task of printing on polyester.

Screen printers across the country are consistently doing excellent work – creatively inventive and technically precise. But who really stands out? To answer that question, we’ve brought back our Wearables Top Decorator competition.

This year, we will have one challenge per issue starting now through the end of 2014. Every round is open to any company that offers screen printing. Each round’s winner will receive a prize courtesy of our contest sponsor, Hanes Branded Printwear (asi/59528), and all five winners will compete for a Best in Show grand prize of $500.

Challenge #1:

Charity WALK poly shirt


ASI and Wearables have launched a hypothetical charity named Logos for Love that will benefit several worthy causes. Logos for Love plans to hold a 5K walk to raise money. Participants at the walk will receive a T-shirt printed with the name of the event – Logos for Love Charity Walk. Contestants were tasked to faithfully reproduce the supplied logo of the charity walk (right) while making creative additions.

The shirts were judged on these criteria:

  • Ability to Print on Polyester: Limiting dye migration, maintaining “whiteness” and matching the other Pantone colors in the design.
  • Ability to Print the Supplied Artwork: The precision and clarity of the print, the hand and reproducing the charity shirt logo as supplied.
  • Ability to Demonstrate Creativity: Demonstrating advanced print techniques, incorporating creative additions like extra design elements, off locations and multimedia techniques.


Silkworm inc.


Circle 100 on Free Info Card

The winning decoration featured a full-chest design with a hand-illustrated walking heart, with the charity walk logo placed on the back right shoulder.


Visual Impressions


Circle 98 on Free Info Card

This design features a creative side wrap that accents the main logo. The decorator printed four locations to create the logo and the wrap.


Trimark Sportswear Group


Circle 89 on Free Info Card

This shirt features an oversized heart design created with a laser as well as text elements accented with puff inks.