FESPA's Digital World

Advice and secrets from the screen printing know-it-alls.

In May, The Ink Kitchen visited the big FESPA digital world show that was held in Munich. Make no mistake: DTG is here to stay and improving all the time.

To be sure, DTG is not a replacement for traditional screen printing, but it is a viable solution for small print runs, quick turns and more. The current quality of DTG is such that it can be used for online on-demand printing, which means no inventory is required. Also some shops are now even able to do sampling of designs that will ultimately be screen printed, and DTG reduces the sampling costs.

A big innovation? Expanded color capabilities. The Avalanche Hexa unit by Kornit (asi/14972; circle 106 on Free Info Card) used a six-color system instead of the traditional CMYK printing, which allows for both a wider range of DTG color reproduction and more accuracy as well.

Decorators should definitely consider the benefits of having both screen printing and DTG in their shops.