Equipment Corner

The latest in Machines and Decorating Products


Red Clamshell Heat Press – Imprintables Warehouse


The new 16” x 20” Red Clamshell Heat Press from Imprintables Warehouse (asi/58475; circle 91 on Free Info Card) is designed for light- to medium-volume jobs, home use and as an emergency backup press. It features digital time and temperature controls, as well as over-the-center pressure adjustment and an upper floating platen for an even, flat surface when pressing.

Exposing Units

Sabre Automatic Screen Printing Press – Workhorse Products


The new Sabre series of automatic screen-printing presses from Workhorse Products (circle 90 on Free Info Card) features an indexing system and touch-screen control panel on a pivoting base for full command of all press functions and diagnostics. Users can instantly check machine status, flash location, mode of operation, print head on/off and production rates. It also includes microregistration, independent squeegee and flood bar pressure adjustments, quick-release pallets and a standard 20” x 20” image area.

Pro Series E2-4131 LED Screen Exposing Unit – Vastex International


Vastex International (circle 92 on Free Info Card) carries the new Pro Series E2-4131 LED Screen Exposing Unit that can expose two 20” x 24” screens, one 41” x 31” screen, or one 25” x 36” screen in a registration fixture. Its taller enclosure accommodates a faster, more powerful vacuum pump for shorter cycle times, an ultra-heavy-duty hinge, reinforced lid and seven 31” LED light bars that quickly expose screens and produce high-resolution detail.


SubliJet-R Sublimation Ink – Sawgrass Technologies


Sawgrass Technologies (circle 93 on Free Info Card) offers the SubliJet-R sublimation ink for Ricoh Aficio SG Series inkjet printers. This high-viscosity, high-yield sublimation ink produces vibrant, high-resolution images from standard-capacity or extended-capacity cartridges and is specifically formulated for Ricoh Aficio SG Series printers’ self-cleaning print heads.

Stock Art

Wildlife Stock Art Designs – Great Dane Graphics


Great Dane Graphics (circle 97 on Free Info Card) has added new designs to its Wildlife Stock Art Design collection, including a cardinal, swordfish, crappies and wolves. Choose from animals in the African, tropical/resort and hunting categories. All designs are high-quality, pre-separated four-color process stock artwork that can be further customized with text, logos or additional graphics, and they come in separate files for screen printing and digital printing.

Lettering and Transfers

Neon Puff Stock Transfers – The Wild Side


Neon Puff Stock Transfers from The Wild Side (circle 95 on Free Info Card) feature the 3-D textured look of puff as well as eye-catching neon colors. These durable heat-applied graphics can be adhered to garments made of 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 50/50 cotton/polyester and nylon.

Euro Pro Screen Printed Number Transfers – Transfer Express


The Euro Pro Screen Printed Number Transfers from Transfer Express (asi/91804; circle 96 on Free Info Card) feature super stretch, perfect for activewear apparel, and apply at low heat so users can avoid melted or scorched fabrics. They’re available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10”, and in five colors, and they apply to any apparel piece made of cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blends.