Patterns Spice Up Printed Totes

Whether your clients adore animal prints such as snakeskin or zebra or prefer textile-based prints like tribal designs or polka dots, there will be an endless supply of designs to choose from when it comes to the newest handbag and tote collections.

KayLee Wheeler, product designer at Vitronic Promotional Group (asi/93990), describes prints as being a key fashion trend. "Prints and patterns have exploded on the runway, all the way down to accessories," she says, noting the trend is easily applicable to promotional situations because the latest prints are so visually appealing. "Very detailed prints are great for accents in the promotional industry," she adds. "With retail dictating that prints are necessary in accessories, I think we will start to see more totes with basic all-over prints."


    Voguish transit bag (TRB068) from Ame & Lulu (asi/35232; circle 89 on Free Info Card).


    Adorable fabric tote (THT014) from Blossom Fashion Tower (asi/40681; circle 91 on Free Info Card).


    Unique snakeskin tote (99-1000) from Clava American (asi/45335; circle 90 on Free Info Card).

Market Focus

  • Employee gifts
  • Businesses and services that cater specifically to women
  • Spas, hotels and boutiques
  • Health-care industry