Packed and Ready to Go

Clients flush with refreshed budgets should seek out innovative products, like the Egmont packable jacket from Trimark Sportswear Group (asi/92122; circle 114 on Free Info Card), brand new for 2015. The jacket was decorated by Trimark as well.

Look On The Light Side

End-users today demand versatile, lightweight garments. The Egmont jacket fits the bill. It is light and breathable with a water-resistant coating and wind-resistant properties. Better yet, the jacket “offers a great price point for a water- and wind-resistant jacket that easily packs away into its own front pocket,” says Bill Horst, marketing manager for Trimark Sportswear Group. “The beauty of this easy storable jacket is you can carry it on any adventure.”

Paired Up

The purple of the jacket logo pairs well with the Puma Indigital polo from Trimark, which has taped side vents and built-in UV protection as well as an attractive gradient pattern design. The items can be paired for a slick merchandised look that will work with everyone from golf enthusiasts to corporate representatives.

Brand It Bold

The jacket comes in seven colors, but the white allows for inFusion, Trimark's exceptional new decoration technique. It can accommodate large retail decoration locations with unlimited colors, high-resolution detail and no hand. “Any market that wants youthful, on-trend looks for their branded apparel is buying inFusion products,” says Horst.

Decoration Tip

The interior pocket in which the jacket can be stowed also can be decorated with inFusion or True Edge transfer. The upshot is branding even when the jacket is not being worn. “These two techniques,” says Horst, “add more brand impact in places you would not always think to decorate for brand exposure.”