Hot Products Showcase: Beanies

Forget the funny name; beanies are a serious promotional tool, one with life well outside its traditional role as a one-note winter wear for salting sidewalks and shoveling snow. The changes in design and decoration have made it not merely OK to wear a beanie whenever you like, but actually a pretty cool fashion choice. The pom-pom isn't the only variable anymore, either. Buyers can try on styles with brims, ear flaps, ties, pockets and other options that have helped add individuality to a piece of headwear that was once the very definition of basic. (Don't worry – the basic options look great too.)


USA-made heavyweight acrylic jacquard knit cap (5202) features a smooth cuff and customizable color combinations. Available from Wisconsin Knitwear (asi/97595; circle 106 on Free Info Card).

Reflective beanie (571B) boasts heavyweight warmth and safety all in one comfy acrylic cap. Available from Reflectix (asi/81233; circle 107 on Free Info Card).

Acrylic ribbed-knit fabric beanie (MX235) with brim features high-quality embroidery. Available from Max Apparel (asi/69706; circle 102 on Free Info Card).


This warm and soft beanie (223835) is made from 100% acrylic rib-knit with a tri-color pom-pom. Available from Holloway Sportswear (asi/61430; circle 101 on Free Info Card).


Acrylic-knit two-tone beanie (100-632) has warm polyester fleece lining. Available from Otto Cap (asi/75350; circle 108 on Free Info Card). Embroidered by Visual Impressions (circle 124 on Free Info Card).

This beanie cap (BE-05) includes ties and a pom-pom and sits 8" high. Available from DK Headwear (asi/47999; circle 109 on Free Info Card).


Unisex oversized beanie (H0091A2) is 100% acrylic with a stylish, slouchy silhouette. Available from Alternative Apparel (asi/34850; circle 93 on Free Info Card). Embroidered by Rockland Embroidery (asi/734150; circle 92 on Free Info Card).

District slouch beanie (DT61888) comes in heathers, dip-dyes or neons. Available from SanMar (asi/84863; circle 104 on Free Info Card). Embroidered by Visual Impressions (circle 124 on Free Info Card).

Cuffless toque cap (135) has a contrasting jacquard stripe pattern and is made of 9-gauge acrylic. Available from Pedigree (asi/71107; circle 111 on Free Info Card).


Hockey-themed knit cap (KSP-100-Hockey) is made from a cotton/acrylic blend and comes in three other sport themes. Available from Outdoor Cap (asi/75420; circle 110 on Free Info Card).

Light camo beanie features integrated high-quality removable headphones. Available from Tooks (asi/91452; circle 103 on Free Info Card).

Contemporary jacquard-knit cap with cuff (JK6) and custom knit-in design is made in the USA. Available from Cap America (asi/43792; circle 112 on Free Info Card).

Diamond-knit acrylic pom-pom beanie (FP512) has interior microfleece lining. Available from Fersten Worldwide Inc. (asi/53974; circle 80 on Free Info Card).